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Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser

Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser
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Omni detox hair follicle shampoo is specifically designed to remove all contaminants in the hair. Our potent hair follicle detoxification system is an absolute hair detox product and has been put to the test with superior results. Successfully remove all toxins from your hair with Omni Hair Follicle Detox Cleanser 
Formulated to remove ALL toxins from the hair shaft and hair follicle without damaging the hair. This Super Concentrated 1-oz. Bottle is recommended for persons with short hair. (above the shoulders). Hair Past Shoulder Length Requires 2 ( two ) Major damage to hair can be attributed to abuse such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, etc. These and other pollutants can cause major damage to the structure and texture of the hair. Omni Hair Cleansing Shampoo is a permanent hair follicle detox treatment scientifically formulated to revitalize the hair and restore it to its natural state for cleaner, healthier, shinier hair.

 DETOX HAIR offers best rated hair detox shampoo that will help you pass a hair follicle drug test. Hair follicle test detox with natural hair detox shampoos as well as body detox products that work as toxin cleansers for your entire body to detox any toxin. Our Detox products are for people trying to get rid of all types of toxins as well especially those who are trying to detox from steroid, alcohol, prescription & illegal drugs. We can clean you up for the day or permanently for those need help to make that life change for a toxin free lifestyle. We offer only the best detox toxin cleansers you can get  Our steroid detox, alcohol detox, nicotine detox and marijuana drug detox customers have had only the best results when they have used any of our detoxification products. 

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